Lucas Ferreira

Graduation Year: 2016 | Major: Psychobiology, B.S. 


  • My dream is to become a physician with a compassion for the people around me, a love for learning, an excitement for experiencing new things, an appreciation of art, a deep understanding of world events, a talent for music, and citizenry of the world.
  • I want to be a well-rounded individual whose profession doesn't define me, but rather adds a good quality to an already above-par expertise and versatility.
  • I hope to fulfill this dream through medical school education, a secondary graduate school experience in either public health or business administration, and an experience working in multiple fields, all the while exposing myself to different experiences in literature, art, music, and science.

Quote to Live By:

"I live lived where you have not influenced someone's life in some substantial way for the better is not worth living"