Here at Phi Delta Epsilon, we value educational growth, professional development and career building. Therefore, we strive to create programs that are catered to support YOU on your unique pre-medical journey.

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Suturing Clinics

Every quarter, our actives have the opportunity to learn and practice their suturing skills under the guidance of US Army Medical Doctors.

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Medical School Tours

Our network provides our actives with opportunities to explore the various medical school campuses and learn more about the school life and admissions process.


Gelfand lectures

Our lecture series, featuring incredible doctors and researchers across hospitals, educates our members on medical research and insight into the professional, medical fields.

Additional programs:

  • MCAT Presentations by Kaplan Instructors

  • Resume/CV Building Workshops

  • Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Mock Interview Workshops

  • Professional Physicians/Alumni Networking